Mystical Short-eared Exmoor Owl

Did you know that short eared owls inhabit some of our most wonderful National Parks and countryside spaces - you seldom see them, but with patience, knowledge and understanding, and outstanding photographic skills Gary Clarke has fallen in love with these mystical little owls.

Short-eared owls are one of only five species of British Owl, and inhabit wild open spaces such as the small islands around our coast, and we are lucky enough to be able to see them on Exmoor.

They nest on the ground, and are very protective of their nests and youngsters. They feed mainly on short-tailed voles, and mice, and are very secretive - you have to know where to find them to ever see even one in your life.

Thanks to Gary's photographs we can share these amazing photos of the local Exmoor short-eared owls with you. Enjoy.

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