Rescue and Rehabilitation


During the course of the year we rescue and rehabilitate a number of birds of prey, owls, other wildlife including hedgehogs and indeed, recently, a small pony! 

Cathy has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for over 34 years and prior to moving to Exmoor in 1994, and developed and managed a wildlife rescue and education centre in Gloucestershire.


Many of our animals are 'rehomed' from others who are unable to care for them or for other reasons.  As far as possible, in the case of a domestic animal or an exotic, we aim to give them a 'forever' home, and any British Wildlife that we take in is rehabilitated back into the local countryside whenever possible.

Over recent years we have housed two macaws (Milo and Marley) who many of you have already met, one young colt pony (BlueBlue), two Falabella ponies (Maya and Gaby), a captive bred Barn Owl (Pete), a captive bred Tawny Owl and Buzzard (Tinker and Buzz) and numerous ducks and chickens.

In terms of British Wildlife, we have taken in and rehabilitated Tawny Owl youngsters every year, various wild buzzards which have largely been hit by vehicles, barn owls, sparrowhawks, swallows, hedgehogs, doves and pigeons, and even baby rabbits!  We have good relationships with the local vets:  White Lodge Veterinary Clinic; Glenmore House Veterinary Service, Minehead; and Dulverton Veterinary Practice.  Sadly we are unable to save all wildlife, but we do have a good success rate built on decades of experience and knowledge!

In 2019 we were fortunate to be albe to help two peregrine falcons for rehabilitation, found locally and independently in hedgerows in the Spring.  Both were brought back to fitness and health, and following creance and free flying training, both were returned to the wild! 
We wish them well, and feel privileged to have had such a special experience.

We also give a huge amount of advice to numerous calls with respect to baby owls, and have helped many return to their pursuits of 'branching out' for a few days before their first flights! 

If you would like some advice on injured, sick or baby birds please give us a call.

Our Rescue and Rehabilitation work will continue into the future, with a huge 'thank you' to everyone who has supported our work through the years.