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Exmoor Owls Barn Owl 'Tyto'

'Dark Skies British Owl Experience'


Three Owls in the Owl Barn

This fun hands-on experience will be available​ at

10am daily

Suitable for 1 to 5 people.

You will be welcomed at the Reception of the Farmhouse and then shown to the Owl and Wildlife Garden where you can browse, relax and meet the owls.

Rod or Alex will take you to the Owl Barn where you will fly three of our British Owls in the security of the barn and discover their features of adaptation and hunting techniques.  Each owl has its own personality, and there is plenty of time with each bird for discussion and chat.

A beautiful relaxing environment, amazing flying and fantastic photographic and video opportunities



£10 per extra person (flying, spectating or taking photos)

Max Group of 6

If you would like to book for a larger group please contact us on 01643 862816

Please note:  If you are unable to book online for any reason please give us a call on 01643 862816

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