'Tiksi' - Eurasian Eagle Owl

Bubo bubo

Eurasian eagle owls are the largest owls in the world, the female sometimes reaching the incredible weight of 4.5kg and the male being a half to a third smaller.  There are several sub-species of Eagle Owl (Bubo sp) in the world and all can be recognised by large yellow or orange eyes, mostly with prominant ear tufts, barred feathering, plump to rounded in shape, can see well in daylight and night-time,  and include nearly all the large owls of the world.

Eurasian Eagle Owls are incredibly powerful both in flight and in the clamping power of their feet, being far stronger than our hands!  They are very majestic birds in many ways, nesting high on rocky outcrops, and swooping low over the surrounding countryside below to catch their prey!  Like most owls they are loners, and hunt alone, mostly live alone, and are commonly found to prey upon other owl species.

Many Eurasian Eagle Owls are kept in the UK, and they do have a habit of going 'awol' - some have managed to find pairs and have bred, whilst others get  caught up by overhead power cables, or killed on our roads; some are poached and killed, whilst others are eventually returned to their owners.  It will be a long time before the Eurasian Eagle Owl becomes a successful returning owl to the UK!

Here at our Centre we have several species of Bubo, however Tiksi remains our largest and for many, most 'impressive' owl.  He too had a habit of going 'awol', so unfortunately he is not flown outside of his aviary, however, he is healthy and content - owls tend to be sedentary birds when all their needs are met!

All our owls are with us at Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre to help us all appreciate the amazing relationship between mankind and our natural environment and to enable us to understand their unique personalities and hunting styles..... a reflection of our own lives perhaps.  We enjoy sharing our Friends at our Centre, to encourage all our visitors to rediscover their connection with nature and a healthy environment - without which mankind is unable to survive.

A life without the natural world is no life at all.