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Fly an Owl

Education, Health & Connection

Having worked in education throughout our lives, we realise that learning and understanding is achieved through passion.  If you are passionate about something you will discover so much, and we enjoy sharing our passion with both our visitors and many students, and education comes in many different forms!


At Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre and Exmoor Riding we work closely with our local educational colleges and schools. 

We regularly have students studying Animal Care, Equine Management and Countryside Management courses. 

We help students develop their interactive skills with the animals, our birds of prey and owls, and independence and initiative skills.

We also offer a number of places each summer for College Work Experience youngsters, as their first 'taste of work' in a safe and secure environment.

Each year several youngsters with learning difficulties visit us regularly for a private session with Rod and his birds, many on a weekly basis to give a sense of belonging and connection.  Where possible we ask for volunteer assistance feeding, training and cleaning the bird and animal enclosures.

During the School Holidays we welcome students to assist with our birds and horses as volunteers, and to take youngsters for pony workshops and walking ponies.

Local Primary Schools visit us throughout the year to meet, discover and learn about our birds of prey and owls, and their inter-relationships with the natural world.  Many city schools do not have easy access to a safe rural environment and a visit to us can give a life-long memory.


Primary school visits are invited throughout the summer season.

Social distancing rules apply in the open air environment.  Here children can study the natural world, owls and hawks, bird recognition and wildflower identification.

Our Owl & Hawk Experiences offer the opportunity to have an indepth experience with the birds for people of all ages, and to learn and discover the importance of inter- and intra-relationships between animals, the natural world and our own lives.

Our Gentle Horse and Rider Workshops provide a really special experience of connection, and working with their horse in partnership and compassion.  Many people find this experience both 'amazing' and 'life-changing'.


Our Self Selection Workshop offers a learning experiential opportunity of taking an in-depth look at how herbs, essential oils, and wild flowers can play an important role in the natural health and well-being of our horses and other animals....... and even ourselves as we learn to understand and connect with nature on a day to day level.

Families are welcome to Walk with Ponies for connection and health!  Very popular with adults and children.

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African Spotted Eagle owl