Anuk  001 (3).jpg

'Anuk' - Great Grey Owl

Strix nebulosa

Great Grey Owls breed across Northern Canada and Alaska, from Finland and Estonia and across to NE Asia.

They have incredibly thick feathering, with a rather small body beneath!  These magnificent owls rely largely on small rodents, such as lemmings and voles for their feed.  They glide down from the top of the tallest trees in the taiga and tundra of the Arctic, and crass into the marshland or snow to pinpoint directly onto the rodent beneath.  Their wonderful outstretched wings can extend to 2m across, and on a dive into the snow their talons can penetrate to a depth of 12 inches into the snow with their long legs.

Their population numbers are largely controlled by availability of food - something that wildlife is particularly good at arranging worldwide!

Anuk was very kindly donated to the Sanctuary by Ann Chamberlain in 2008, and sadly Ann passed away in 2010 from cancer.  She volunteered at the sanctuary for many years, and we sorely miss her.  She used to call this garden her 'paradise'.

All our owls are with us at Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre to help us all appreciate the amazing relationship between mankind and our natural environment and to enable us to understand their unique personalities and hunting styles..... a reflection of our own lives perhaps.  We enjoy sharing our Friends at our Centre, to encourage all our visitors to rediscover their connection with nature and a healthy environment - without which mankind is unable to survive.

A life without the natural world is no life at all.