2019 Baby Birds

We welcome 'Blade' our juvenile Harris Hawk to join our team of flown birds.

It's been a while since we have given a new home to a young Harris Hawk - our oldest hawk, 'Elsa', is now about 35 years of age, and so we felt it time to introduce a youngster to make her life a little less busy! The last juvenile Harris Hawk came here nearly 20 years ago!!!

Pete and Sarah brought 'Blade' to Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre from Kent a week ago at the young and tender age of 17 weeks, and has now been wonderfully 'manned' by Pete during his summer break. A big 'thank you' to volunteer Pete.

When he arrived he was un-handled, had not seen humankind, having simply been housed in a closed aviary from hatching.

'Blade' is progressing really well in his training and is now flying to the gloved hand for his small morsels of food - before long he will be out in the field enjoying his days of freedom!

His 'job' at the Centre will be a versatile one, to fly in the Barn on wet days, fly to clients during experiences and activities and maybe playing a star role in the Afternoon Flying Display as well. Welcome to 'Blade'.

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