Fly an Owl
Exmoor Owls Black Barn Owl 'Shadow'


A not-for-profit organisation

As we move forward our thoughts are turned towards our surrounding environment and all the wildlife that abounds sharing the same place with us....  our educational more about nature, plants and  animals, our own environmental interests, and reconnection with the natural world...... and less about 'growing the business' and material wealth. 

We want to be able to leave a legacy for our grand-children that this is a special place to remember, a life without greed, and about memories of their grand-parents living a life in harmony with nature as much as possible. 

In a nutshell we wish to leave the planet in a better place than we currently find it in! 

We would like our 'Sanctuary' to be a testimony to the world that wildlife can continue hand-in-hand with a caring and harmonious human connection.

As a youngster I was always in the great outdoors, caring for my pet rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, walking the dog and longing for a horse, and my bedroom was full of soft toys!  This has continued throughout my entire adult life (minus the room full of soft toys!), and I have spent years studying animals and their interrelationships with one another and their environment.  Through my early environmental journalism and now my work running an animal centre for over thirty years this has continued, and will continue well into my latter years of life.

We believe now, more than ever before, that we need to understand the natural world, care for it, and integrate our own lives within it, not outside of nature like many of us currently do in our concrete jungles and barren landscapes. 

We so depend upon the intricacies of the living planet for our own continued health, wellbeing and survival - the current rate of disregard, lack of understanding and destruction will change all life irrepairably -   living a life outdoors supports our fragile and challenged immune system.

This is why it is important to us that we continue sharing this amazing corner of our beautiful country with you, to encourage a reconnection and environmental wellbeing.   We look forward to continuing on our journey with our visitors by our side.

Exmoor Owls Harris Hawk 'Blade' head.JPG