2020 Diary Page

27th January - BlueBlue arrived - a tiny little colt who needed re-homing within a week to avoid being put to sleep as nobody wanted him!  He came down from Nottinghamshire - a long jurney for a little youngster, however he travelled well, and settled in quickly.  Once his hooves hit the ground he decided to start growing, and within three months turned from a tiny baby into a handsome young man!  He was castrated just prior to 'lockdown' and has now joined a small herd of 7!  Welcome to BlueBlue!  We all love you!

25th April - The breeding season of Tawny owls is well under way and our phone has become a mini hotline from local people worried about the welfare of seemingly abandoned Tawny Owl babies.  As the babies start developing their first set of feathers they decide to start 'branching out' from their nests, and exploring the trees and local undergrowth, often found on the ground having fallen from the tree, by passing dogs!  Our advice is always to return them to a safe branch next to the trunk of a good solid tree in the local area, where parents will continue to feed.  For these two youngsters there were no low branches to hide on, and being so small they were brought to our Sanctuary for safety. 


14th May - today the two owlets were up on their perch for the first time!  Finally they can fly - just a little.  Now they need time to gain their strength and grow their feathers!

5th May - Female Peregrine Falcon found in a field locally unable to fly.  At first we were unsure whether she would survive as we had to prop her up to stop her from lying for hours on her back.  After four days she was sitting up well in her box, so we moved her into one of our rescue aviaries.  15th May -  a smile on our faces today as she had made her way from her log to a perch, and is happy sitting higher up now - the first evidence of flight.  Her left wing is hanging slightly, but given a little more time we hope her healing will continue to recovery and release.

17th May - Two baby tawny owls released from their aviary, with continual feeding on the aviary roof.  Soft release.

28th May - attempted release of peregrine - she is unable to get height and fly!  Returned to a larger aviary space, for further healing time.  Kept in private garden.

12th June - `Both young tawny owls still in the vicinity of the owl garden.

23rd June - gave telephone advice for baby barn owl in a sheltered barn having left the nest too early.  Owlet on shelf, and advised leaving where it is.